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Amerasians of Vietnam Family Search
About Us

The links that I have listed here are excellent resources for those who are searching. I am continually looking for and adding new links as I find them. Feel free to email any additional links relative to this site.

Building a "web" of information is the key to success. Whether it may be adding new links to the site or making new contacts - it is vital & essential to link together in purpose, desire & goal. We fully support one another and if another person has an idea on how to create a site - that is wonderful - we only ask that you continue in building the chain and connecting with the rest of us & sharing. The more knowledge there is of something out there - the more chances there are for success.

I have subdivided the links into categories and will add descriptions as I am able.

Our team

Here you will find a listing of organizations and sites that have joined together to build a network of information of sharing. Together we can reach our goals. If you have a site or know of one that shares our mission or adds to our mission, let us know.

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Amerasian & Related Links

Amerasians - The Forsaken Ones

Amerasian Network, Inc.

Amerasian Relief Agency

Illyria - Honoring women who served in Vietnam

Bui Doi: life like dust

Vietnamese Websites & Resource Links

Mam Non - Sharing Vietnamese Culture with the adoption community

Xu Viet

Vietnam: Yesterday & Today

Our Web Ring

Below you will find links related to our mission.

Searchable Databases

Adopt Vietnam - Operation Baby Lift

Vietnam Casuality Search Page

Vietnam War Records

World Wide Web Vietnam Veteran Location Service

Veteran Sites

US/MC Vietnam Helicopter Association

Vietnam Veterans of America, Medina County, Ohio

Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Association (VHCMA)

Veterans Center Name Vault

Operation Baby Lift & Adoption Links

These sites reference the different agencies that assisted in "Operation Baby Lift" and provide adoption services for those wishing to adopt from Vietnam. Also included are stories from people who assisted in Operation Baby Lift and parents who awaited children from Vietnam.

Holt Internation Children's Services

ComeUnity Adoption

Adopt Vietnam

Catholic Relief Services

Pearl S. Buck International

Families with Children from Vietnam

ComeUnity Adoption - Operation Baby Lift

Our Location

Currently we are located and based in Salt Lake City, Utah - home of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. Our true base, however, is the web of information that we have formed.